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August is Grand, Majestic, Dignified, Impressive, Eminent, Stately, Noble & Humble.

August Venture was born with the intention of providing solutions, which embodies the very soul of the word, August. We are here to be a Value partner, who can help you address a need, a situation, an issue, or an opportunity in a much better way.

We provide solutions, which helps you create relationships, manage and foster strong bonds with your business partners, employees and Customers. And we make you create a mark in their individual space, by making them feel special. We give you the opportunity to make them, cherish YOU & your companionship, whether business or personal. Our range of solutions include, exclusive Gifting & Merchandising options, personalized to suit your objectives.

Business is all about relationships and we are here to be your relationship partners.

August Venture is founded by Pradeep Mathur & Abhishek Gite, first generation entrepreneurs, who after more than a decade of the corporate exposure, within different spheres of service organizations, through various ranks, decided to take the plunge and start something close to their heart.

August Venture is culmination of numerous long distance telephone calls, a few meetings over coffee & an evening with Johnnie Walker.

And post that it was decided to Start walking ……… & Keep walking.

Our MissionBe a Solutions Partner to organizations by
helping them in creating value for the Internal & External Stakeholders.